Alice Terry International Psychic Medium

Alice Terry International Psychic Medium

Alice Terry is based in Moana and is a a respected Psychic Medium with a client base, worldwide.

I inspire and motivate people to create change in their lives.

I’m usually asked what it’s like to be me, to know what the future holds, to feel everyone’s pain and love……to see dead people. Well, it’s strange because what I feel the most is LOVE – the full weight, support and warmth of unconditional love. So I guess I feel pretty lucky and privileged.​

My aim in life is not only to change the lives of those around me but also the lives of literally thousands of people around the globe. Many years ago when I was diagnosed with post-natal depression after the birth of my eldest son, my life changed completely. As I recovered I no longer felt it necessary to hide my gifts from the world – in fact I was shown very clearly that my whole life had been preparing me for this very time, the time to “share with the world” what comes as natural to me as breathing. I have spent the last 20 years growing my business via word of mouth. I have many real life experiences to share that bring mediumship or inner intuition in to the 21st Century. As a very young child I knew even before I knew who I was that I wanted to leave something, a legacy and each day I am closer.

Alice is contactable through her website and is available for one to one and group readings and performs live on stage at theatre venues.

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Moana, South Australia 


0437 207 777 (Main)