Alyonna Divine Healing

Alyonna Parveen is based in Victor Harbor and provides divine healing services to not on the Fleurieu Peninsula but also, through online consultations, the rest of the world.

She describes herself as an energy alchemist.

“I help people understand their soul’s journey, discover their soul’s purpose, heal and transform from within through holistic therapy.

“I provide Psychic Oracle card readings, Shamanic Energy healings and soul counselling sessions; in person and online.

“I also share life guidance as well as daily cosmic guidance for free on my Facebook page every day. I now also give talks at events after being invited to speak as a guest speaker at the Mind, Body and Psychic Expo where I spoke about healing traumas on an energetic level. 

“I am accredited by the International Association of Therapists as well as the Academy of Ancient Magick.”

Oracle card reading and soul coaching/counselling: Your session with me will be a divine experience that will heal you and bring awareness to your heart and to your deepest sense of self.

If you need someone to talk to. Someone you can open your heart to and release all the worries, pain and anger inside, allowing yourself to cry and be completely vulnerable in a non-judgmental space please get in touch. You are not alone.

I am not a fortune teller. I read energies and I convey messages from your guides. I do not do predictions of your future as we are choosing our journey every second of the day and so there is the element of free will in our journey. I will however guide you on to the right direction so you are able to complete the life mission you incarnated for. I work very closely with the angelic realm, especially during my healing and oracle guidance sessions. I am also able to connect to your ancestors and spirit guides to bring you messages from the divine.

Energy Healing: Like all electronics and crystals that need to be recharged, your body needs recharging too. Many have a beauty ritual but many don’t secure a healing ritual to beautify the soul and shine from inside out. It is so important for your body and emotional wellbeing to have your chakras balanced and aligned as well as remove negative attachments and stale energy.

Watch your wellbeing improve and your vibration boost up after your energy healing session with me. You will find it easier to attract abundance and magic into your life.

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Encounter Bay, South Australia 


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