Be Simply Free

Bridget Johns

Be Simply Free is a professional organising business and Bridget Johns is the lead Declutter Coach and Life Organiser.

Be Simply Free exists to help women create systems in their lives to ease the “mental load” and reduce the physical and emotional clutter in their homes, calendars and minds. Let us help you move from stress, to less and live a life of more!

Bridget’s intuitive, supportive and encouraging style of coaching is for you if you’re tired and overwhelmed trying to juggle ALL the work/life/home balls in the air. Bridget will be your coach, cheerleader and accountability buddy. Together we will take a good hard look at all the balls you are juggling. We will sort through and work out what’s truly important in your life and as part of the process will we craft a decluttered and welcoming home for you.

Be Simply Free also offers one on one decluttering coaching support, online courses and workshops.

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