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Kaleidoscopic Travel – Fleurieu offers you a personalised mobile travel service for the Fleurieu Peninsula. Karina Irvine will come to you to discuss your travel requirements and to explain the options.

Before you book online, try out our mobile travel service and save time and money.

As an independent mobile travel operator Karina isn’t not bound by overheads or booking fees and restrictions on products.

“Ninety-nine per cent of the time we are the same or even cheaper than the internet!!” Karina said.

Kaleidoscopic Travel was founded to provide unique travel experiences that will change a person’s perspective on the world for the better. The hope is that through travel you will better understand people, cultures and the importance of looking after the natural landscape on our planet.

Through travel adventures, the individual’s life journey is enriched with human connection, love, excitement, food, relaxation and wonder.

“I design itineraries to suit your interests, the style of accommodation you like and the way in which you wish to get to your destination.

“I can book local apartments and villas through to luxury 6 star hotels, local experiences, guides, tours, cruises and anything that will enhance your adventure.”

Karina Irvine in the Masa Mara.
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