Revive in 5

Revive in 5 is a mobile massage service based in Aldinga Beach. We offer a workplace massage service with a focus on wellbeing.

Revive in 5 is a fully clothed, seated, whole back massage that comes to you. 

Would you like your team to be more focussed, productive and clearer at work?

Maybe you have a number of people taking time off because they are unwell, stressed or unproductive.

You may be concerned about your team’s lifestyle, perhaps they work on computers all day, are hunched over and working long hours.  

You could be looking to possibly lower work cover claims, you may run a workplace wellbeing program or looking for ideas to address mental health issues. 

Perhaps you personally are under a lot of pressure, you might be knotted up & sore, but when you think of having a massage, you might not like that oily feeling, taking your clothes off or being touched.  

You may be time poor or struggling to balance your life and not everyone can spare 60+ dollars for a massage.

Everyone knows time out is good for you and most of us love a massage – but there’s lots that gets in the way of actually getting to a massage

Something time efficient, at your location that relieved muscle fatigue, is easy, cost effective, improves circulation, movement, flexibility, mood and focus would be ideal.

You can now enjoy the quality of a 30 minute massage in only 5 minutes for $10.

Revive in 5 is a mobile massage wellbeing service for workplaces.

As an employee, you can take charge your wellbeing at work by paying for your own massage weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  

As the boss, you can arrange for your staff to access Revive in 5 massage and employees pay for themselves or you can pay or even part-pay for your employees, there’s a solution for every workplace. 
Backed by 40 years of global experience, using the industry leading massage tools, which are handmade and chiropractor and physiotherapist endorsed.

Revive in 5 is a fully clothed, seated, whole back massage that comes to you.

Clients include health practitioners, IT and game software developers, athletes and sports teams, entrepreneurs and business owners, managers and tradies, contact centre and office staff who all report 100% positive feedback.

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