Here’s your opportunity to help us continue to build the network by becoming a CONVENOR in your local area.

We’re looking for Chapter Convenors and Event Convenors to help share the load, but to also share the love that’s comes with being in such a role.  And there will be financial benefits too!  And we’ll be supporting you along the way.

We want to continue to add new areas to the network, thereby creating even more support and networking opportunities for our members and supporters.

What is a Chapter Convenor?

Chapter Convenor will be the person responsible for organising and running events, and helping to promote the network in their local area, for a period of up to 12 months at a time.  This could be a shared role.  You will essentially become known as the go-to person locally for women in business.

What is an Event Convenor?

An Event Convenor is a person who will be responsible for organising and running a single event.  You could be the person who is the speaker for that event, or you may choose to simply be the coordinator and host.

What are the financial benefits?

Although the majority of the benefit will be to you in promoting your business and raising your profile, there are some direct financial benefits associated with being a Convenor.

Convenors (both Chapter and Event) will receive the net proceeds of any events they are responsible for, so the bigger the event, the better the return.

Chapter Convenors will also receive a 10% commission on any new memberships.

What support will be given?

The network team will be behind you all the way because, after all, we want you to be successful in your role because your success means our success.

Apart from being hear to take your calls and queries, we will also provide a range of administration and marketing assistance, provide you with templates, suggestions for your event.  Chapter Convenors will also be able to connect up with other Chapter Convenors in regular online meetings.

Download our simple AT A GLANCE document to see some of the things we will do for you, and also some insight into what you will be required to do.