Corporate Membership

Annual membership: $280 (inc GST):

Click on the following links to complete one of the following membership application forms:



Description/Inclusions: Membership is on a corporate basis, eg a business or organisation.  This membership entitles the member organisation to:

  • Unlimited member tickets at functions provided the attendees are employed by, a director or owner of the corporate member organisation.  This offer does not extend to clients of the corporate member.
  • Directory entry in the newsletter twice the normal size or up to three (3) entities or locations listed.
  • Publication on the website and newsletter of the standard profiles for up to 5 team members of the corporate member who must be employed by, a director or owner of the corporate member organisation.
  • Online access to the Members Only area of the website for up to five team members.
  • Access to the private members only Facebook group for up to five team members.
  • The five team members for inclusion on the Members Only Facebook group and to be given access to the Members Only resources on the website are to be stated on the membership application form.
  • Access for the named team members to any discounts applying to non-network events that are made available to standard members.
  • Corporate access to any additional member discounts which may become available including, but not limited to, advertising.
  • Team members referred to above may be changed during a 12-month membership period provided the changes are notified in writing.
  • Inclusion in the priority business referral service.

Corporate members, and their selected team members, must abide by the Terms and Conditions of membership.