Email Inbox Overload

The following are points from a workshop held on problem solving at Encounter Bay Bowling Club on May 30, 2018.

Email inbox overload

  • Unsubscribe from anything you genuinely don’t use
  • Have a time limit on when and how much time you spend each day dealing with emails
  • Flag the ones that require followup, file those you need to keep, delete those you don’t need and archive any others
  • Check junk mail regularly so you don’t miss things
  • Set up rules so the email system does the filing for you, including sending some to junk
  • Don’t procrastinate – if can deal with matter immediately DO IT NOW
  • Auto reply to buy you time, but also so people know it will be dealt with
  • Don’t give your email out when shopping unless you’re really interested in joining a mailing list and getting yet another email.  Tell people you don’t have one or it’s work only
  • Flag emails in order of priority
  • Address one box at a time
  • Turn off pop ups & notifications to reduce distractions.
  • Delete trash
  • Ask for help to follow-up i.e. the phone calls