Time management for less stress

time managementTime management was a focus topic at the launch lunch for the Women in Business Regional Network. Here some of the ladies share their tips for getting the seemingly impossible achieved with the minimum of stress.

If you keep forgetting something set an alarm on your phone for the interruption at a time when you know you can do that task immediately. Michelle Lihou

Set clear boundaries regarding shutting off and work hours, eg, after 8pm, I don’t check my emails. Ellie McMahon

Don’t spend wasted time sending multiple emails/texts when one 10-minute phone call will achieve a better result. Stephanie Altus

Focus on one thing at a time, complete tasks. Remember: “He who chases two rabbits catches none.” Taryn Richardson

Be organised and prepared. Paquita Scott

Make a list at the beginning of each day and tick it off as you go, starting with the hardest task. Sandy Andrew

Allocate time to concentrate on a single task. If some other idea comes up during that time, acknowledge it, write it down, but get back to the original task. Zoe Cavanagh-King

Prioritise tasks by (1) What is urgent and important; (2) what is not urgent but important to make progress on, (3) what is not urgent, not important and then question if it’s needed. If the task is needed then make progress. Rommie Corso

Work your business four days a week and have Monday or Fridays off every week for yourself. Gives you three days to gather thoughts or just to meet up with girlfriends of have your hair done. Gloria Hill

Eat that frog. Do not avoid things. Olivia Knott

Keep one day a week free of formal appointments. Use this as a catch-up day on outstanding matters. Josephine Christmas

Allocate time in your day for social media so you don’t end up down the rabbit hole. Utilise publishing tools. Peta Evans

Management of a finite resource is nearly impossible. Try to use your time wisely and be gentle on yourself. Define your role clearly. This helps you set goals. Develop procedures and manuals to follow. Marcia Evans

Give up separating family and work on your calendar (Outlook & iPhone). Combine both. Set up alarms 15 minutes before each appointment. Kristy Martin

Don’t focus on balance, focus on working with the time you have available. Multi-tasking is stressful. Be mindful of the task at hand. Marcia Evans

Make a list. Anonymous

Don’t over-commit yourself. Olivia Knott

Get off Facebook. Olivia Knott

Make sure you’ve got the right people around you. Delegate. Taryn Richardson

Never start tasks without a written list & tackle in order of priority. Olivia Knott

Record what you achieved that wasn’t on your to-do list. Use this for future planning. Anna Spriggs Stanley

Get up an hour or half an hour earlier than usual to have me quiet time, therefore planning for the day; including any mishaps. Joanne Lukehurst

Make a list of everything that needs to be done. Prioritise by (1) Deadline, (2) Tasks that can be done quickly. Anonymous

Don’t compromise sleep. Being overtired hinders productivity. Anonymous

Don’t dwell on mistakes/oversights or what you didn’t get done yesterday. Today is another day. Carolyn Jeffrey

Don’t waste time procrastinating over tasks you don’t want to do. Bite the bullet and take on the hated or feared ones first. Anonymous