Adelaide Hills chapter launched at Mount Barker

The Adelaide Hills now boasts a chapter of the Women in Business Regional Network.

A launch function for the new chapter was held over dinner at The Barker Hotel on August 19, when those in attendance also discussed and learned about cost-effective marketing ideas.

The range of businesses represented was vast ranging from sole traders who work from home, including some very new startups, through to established large scale operators such as Outscribe and the Prancing Pony Brewery.

Although this was the first Adelaide Hills function for the network, there were already three members in the area Mardi Badcock from Regal Sleep Solutions, Kathy Wooller from EvolvePro and Jo Marshall from Miss Tilly’s Online Administration Services.

The women were presented with a range of cost-effective and even free marketing options including business cards, online advertising, local sponsorships and more. 

They were each encouraged to look at the customer they were targeting, to monitor the success of their marketing and to make sure they had a marketing plan.

“Not having a marketing plan is like going to the supermarket without a shopping list; and we all know what happens when we don’t have a list,” network founder Carolyn Jeffrey said.

“It was great to hear some of the insights on marketing from the women at the function as a fundamental principle of the network is to encourage sharing of knowledge and support among women in business in regional areas.”

Women in business launch at Mount Barker Adelaide Hills
Among the women at the Mount Barker launch were, at back, Kathy Wooller, Christina Pike, Lisa Liebelt, Eden Pink, Kerry Tudor, Corinna Steeb, Jenny Tucker, Jo Marshall, Emma Dedans, Janette Size with, at front, Mary Gomez, Mardi Badcock, Naomi Munn, Mandy Napier and Cate Lister.