Barossa gets tips on online presence

GREENOCK:  COVID-19 has meant it’s now more important than ever to be able to have a good online presence for your business, so it was appropriate that the latest Women in Business Regional Network event in Barossa focused on just this topic.

The second Barossa lunch for the network was held at the Greenock Hotel when online presence and tips on how to get noticed in Google searches were the presentation topic.

Network founder Carolyn Jeffrey, who also assists businesses to improve their online presence, said many business owners didn’t realise they could improve their searchability without spending a cent, and can often have a substantial presence even without having a website of their own.

The session encouraged the women to identify key search terms for their businesses, and to also regularly monitor their presence, including looking for references which were wrong or even detrimental to their businesses.

“The internet landscape is very fluid, so what you see today when you do a Google search could be very different from when you do it tomorrow, so it’s important that business owners are disciplined about monitoring their presence on a regular basis, without becoming obsessive,” Carolyn said.

“Many people don’t realise that even if they’ve never listed their business online themselves they could have references on the internet and these can either be a positive or a negative, so it’s important that business owners take control of as much as they can about what their business looks like online.”

The lunch in Greenock was the final Barossa event for 2020 for the Women in Business Regional Network, but planning is already underway for events in 2021.

Women in business at Greenock Barossa
Among the women at the lunch at Greenock were Chloe Pratt, Kellie Thomas, Erica McAvaney, Jo-anne Cain and Sonya Thorn.