Book publishing lesson for Victor Harbor women

Businesswomen were treated to a lesson in book publishing at the latest Women in Business Regional Network lunch at Victor Harbor on April 29.

The guest speaker was local businesswoman Rommie Corso of Hardshell Publishing who has helped many people to achieve their dream of writing and publishing their own books.

She showed many examples of books that had been produced through her career including colouring and educational books, reference and picture books, cookbooks, novels and life stories.

Although many ladies in the room had never thought about becoming a published author, it was clear that the presentation had also sown the seed of an idea for one or two with some great projects now being considered including celebrations of major business milestones and life stories.

Rommie said publishing considerations were a lot like the considerations for all entrepreneurs in setting up and running their business.

She said there were three areas to consider:

  • Heart – why am I publishing or why am I in business?
  • Mind – what stage am I at?  What can I do myself now and what do I need help with?
  • Action – What is my next step?  Who is my audience and how will I reach them?

The presentation covered traditional publishing (where a publisher pays you to write the book), self-publishing and hybrid publishing (a mix of both).

Rommie said writing a book might seem a daunting task but she urged those in the room to consider taking small steps on a regular basis, such as setting aside time to write.

“Bite size is the right size,” she said.

She encouraged everyone in the room to support Australian authors and independent book stores.

“It costs nothing to like and share social media posts, pages, blogs; write reviews or refer a friend and talk about it,” Rommie said, also added that we could all do the same to support each other’s businesses.