Healthy eating tips for women in business

The importance of eating regularly and healthily when we’re busy was the focus for the final 2021 Women in Business Regional Network dinner at Strathalbyn.

The guest speaker was Lisa Wells from Food, Fear and Freedom.  Lisa has overcome a food addiction to now coach others in how to lead a healthier life.

Busy women in business often skipped meals, or opted for unhealthy fast food and takeaway options, while they’re on the run.

Lisa provided tips on how to plan and shop for a week of meals in order to be prepared and to make life easier during the week.  She also encouraged those at the dinner to pre-prepare meals, or to make two meals at once.

She emphasised that women in business can’t afford to not be healthy, so it is important to feed their energy levels and to eat to stay healthy.

This was the final 2021 event for the Women in Business Regional Network, and planning is underway for the 2022 program, including dinners in Strathalbyn.  Details will be announced shortly.

At the Strathalbyn dinner were, at back, Lisa Wells, Nicole Cleggett, Esther Cruckshank, Nicole Clark, Alice Thomas, Kellie Thomas and Airlie Keen with Tina Bambury, Donna Brandon-Brown, Monika Morgenstern and Kristy Martin at front.