Businesswomen learn about handy apps

It seems like there’s an app for everything these days, and that’s exactly what local women in business found out at a dinner in Berri on Wednesday, October 23.

The Women in Business Regional Network held its final Riverland function for 2019 at the Berri Hotel where the topic was apps to make life easier.

A wide range of apps were discussed covering business priorities such as calendars, note-taking, online appointment systems, accounts and credit card payments. There were also some interesting apps to help our personal lives discussed including an online wallet for shopping loyalty cards plus shopping and menu planning lists.

“There is new technology coming into our lives every day and we can choose to ignore it and bumble on the way we are, or we can embrace it and find out how to make our lives easier,” network founder Carolyn Jeffrey said.

“This session has been held at various locations throughout the state and we’re gathering quite a lengthy list of apps that women are using to make their lives easier.”

Among the new apps put forward this week was a free app from Reckon to handle single touch payroll, even if you don’t have Reckon for accounting; Wordswag to help create more visually appealing social media posts and Logbookme which keeps a logbook on mileage automatically without having to remember to tap in the odometer reading.

“Women have enough going on in their lives as they often still take the main responsibility for childcare and domestic duties, contribute to their community through volunteering and now even have added responsibilities of running their own businesses,” Carolyn said.

“Anything that can make their lives run more smoothly has got to be a good thing to embrace.”

This was the final Riverland function for the network for 2019. The program for 2020 is expected to be announced shortly.

Among those to attend this week’s Women in Business Regional Network dinner at Berri were, at back, Chioma Amaechi and Julie Day, with, at front, Carolyn Huckel and Emma Gwiazda.