Clare businesswomen look at weekly plans

Bernie Altmann, Elizabeth Bradbury-Calvert, Tracy Wright, Angelene Peacock with, at back, Nan Berrett, Liz Haywood, Meg Mader, Carmel Vandermolen, Jennifer Faulkner, Dee Scown and Deb Keleher at the Women in Business Regional Network lunch.

Planning an ideal week was a focus for the first 2021 Clare Valley function for the Women in Business Regional Network.

The lunch, held at the Rising Sun Hotel in Auburn, attracted women from across the Clare Valley, and as far afield as Birdwood.

The guest speaker was Gladstone business coach and author Dee Scown who gave the women tips and templates to help with planning an ideal week.

Dee said that, by having a plan that incorporated both your business and personal life meant you had a better chance of achieving work-life balance, and made it easier to “reset” when life didn’t follow the plan.

Some women found the first step – allocating space for a lunch break – a challenge.  For others, the challenge was being ruthless with emails, deleting many that cluttered the inbox and created distraction.

Dee said having the skeleton of your week created routine, but also allowed for opportunity to schedule what she called “white time” for catching up on extra tasks that arose or dealing with issues that took more time than expected.

A highlight of the Members’ Show, Tell and Ask session was Carmel Vandermolen’s drumming session to promote her upcoming two-day drum making workshop to be held on March 1.  Liz Haywood also created interest when she unveiled her Zero Waste Sewing backpack that can be made from old jeans and which rolls up very small, and could be carried in a handbag.  Nan Berrett from Word Solutions also encouraged the women to apply for the Adelaide Business Hub training and mentoring programs, many of which came at no charge. Local artist Meg Mader of The Journey Studio also brought smiles when she gave each attendee a beautiful card adorned with one of her art pieces.

Network founder Carolyn Jeffrey announced that Nan Berrett had been appointed as the Chapter Convenor for the Clare Valley and would be organising local functions for the next 12 months.

The next lunch will be held on April 21 when the guest speaker Deb Purvis from Robinson Sewell Purvis will be speaking about business finance, including how to apply for loans to run or buy a business.