Coach says: Find your why



What are the things that motivate you in your life? Why do you do the things you do? And, why do you love doing them? These were among the questions posed to those who attended the latest Women in Business Regional Network lunch held at Victor Harbor Yacht Club on November 20.

The function had a planning focus with network founder Carolyn Jeffrey providing a session on business planning, including the reasons why planning is essential to deal with not only day-to-day problems that arise, but also personal matters that provide challenges.

She provided a basic rundown on the value of undertaking a regular SWOT analysis of your business, looking at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and giving consideration to strategies to deal with the opportunities to grow the business and the threats that can provide challenges.

Her address was supplemented well by a session focusing on how personal planning and personality impacts on business success. This was delivered by Susan Bennett, a results coach from Willunga.

As part of her presentation Susan offered a workshop session where those at the lunch were asked to consider how their personality and their personal goals could best be harnessed for business success.

For many this exercise proved challenging, but ultimately enlightening.

*Susan Bennett has studied organisational psychology, positive psychology and brain-based coaching.

She operates from Willunga. Phone 0428 616 296. For more details visit her website