HR issues in focus at Strathalbyn dinner

HR issues, including the need to have agreements in writing with contractors, were discussed at the latest Women in Business Regional Network dinner at Strathalbyn on Tuesday, April 9.

Network member Mary-Lou Griffiths from MLG Consulting was the guest speaker and many questions were posed by those in attendance.

Ms Griffiths has an extensive background in management and human resources and operates her business in Murray Bridge.

Members shared their stories about staffing matters, with mental health being a popular topic.

Ms Griffiths emphasised that many HR dramas arose simply through lack of communication between employee and employer and encouraged the women to ensure they had clear employment contracts with staff as well as comprehensive policies and procedures so everyone was on the same page.

She shared examples of procedures and said, as a minimum, businesses should have policies covering health and safety; IT, including social media and phone use; leave; serious misconduct; poor work performance; termination; motor vehicles if there are company vehicles; and bullying/harassment.

In terms of bullying and harassment issues Ms Griffiths said she often found issues arose because staff didn’t realise what constitutes bullying and/or didn’t realise they had caused offence.

The next Strathalbyn dinner for the Women in Business Regional Network will be held at the Victoria Hotel from 5.30pm on Tuesday, May 21.  The guest speaker will be Mardi Badcock from Regal Sleep Solutions who will be speaking about effective sales.  She has spent much of her career in sales and management roles including cold calling and relationship sales.

Mary-Lou Griffiths, Mardi Badcock, Rosie Fisher, Christine Steinert, Rachel Howard, with Julie Irwin and Karyn Bradford at front, were among those at the women in business dinner at Strathalbyn.