Internet presence a focus for Strathalbyn women

With the internet playing an increasing role in our lives, women in business from Strathalbyn and surrounding areas gathered to look at how they could make their businesses stand out in online searches.

Women in Business Regional Network founder Carolyn Jeffrey presented nine actions every business operator could do to improve how they appear in Google and other searches, but without spending a cent.

All of the women in attendance had a website for their business, but Carolyn said it was possible to have an internet presence even if you didn’t have a website.

She urged all at the dinner to ensure they monitored their online presence regularly as the internet landscape changed at a fast pace and it was possible there were reviews, errors and other factors negatively impacting their businesses.

“Many people don’t realise that they could have a presence on the internet even if they’ve never physically entered a listing,” Carolyn explained.

“Business owners are often surprised to learn that their business has listings on the internet.  The problem with this is that unless they’re in control of what’s being said on the internet about their business it could be having an adverse impact.

“I encourage every business owner to search online to see where their business comes up and, if the opportunity is provided to claim or control the listing, then they should do so.”

The Strathalbyn dinner welcomed women from the Adelaide Hills too where a chapter of the Women in Business Regional Network is due to be launched on Monday, August 19.

The next Strathalbyn dinner will be on Monday, September 23 at Oasis Gardens Function Centre at Belvidere when the women will be talking work/life balance.

Among the women at the Strathalbyn dinner were Vicky Annan, Rachel Howard, Sonya Lorenz and Julie Dunlap.