Kathy Wooller gives us a lifelong learning roadmap

Adelaide Hills member Kathy Wooller of Evolve Pro Australia introduced us to her Lifelong Learning Roadmap when she presented at an online dinner on April 6.

Kathy, who is based at Mount Barker, is an experienced educator, trainer, HR professional, learning and career coach.

She encouraged those in attendance at the dinner to be more proactive in planning and organising their learning for business, and provided a range of tools and ideas on how this could occur.

Her five step plan encourages people to:

  • Plan what they need to learn about and when they’ll undertake the learning;
  • Thoroughly research the options and avoid signing up to courses which are not reputable or suitable;
  • To filter out learning that was of little or no value and concentrate on what was important to us;
  • To make time to reflect on our learning and to practically apply it to our lives and our businesses;
  • To leverage what we had learned through a range of opportunities including increasing services and value adding.

Many in the session were particularly interested to hear about opportunities to attract more income through affiliate links and referral bonuses with major organisations.

For more information about the Lifelong Learning Roadmap and how it can apply to you contact Kathy on 0420 306 616 or kathy.wooller@evolvepro.com.au.  You can also visit her website www.evolvepro.com.au for more details.