Lesson in eating right on the go

Karen Lume, Jan Acheson, Helen Sampson and Trish Newell

Local women in business got some tips on eating right for their busy lifestyle when the Women in Business Regional Network held a lunch at Middleton earlier this month.

The guest speaker was Lisa Wells of Food, Fear & Freedom who has overcome a food addiction to now help other women to eat well to stay healthy and energised for their busy lifestyles.

Lisa, who is based in the Adelaide Hills, said too many snacks and not enough vegetables were often big problems with the diets of busy women in business.

She encouraged those present to plan to eat healthy, including preparing weekly menus, shopping lists to match, and to have meals pre-prepared.

Lisa said she often cooks several meals at once, and her routine also includes browsing recipes and preparing shopping lists between ads in her favourite TV shows.

“Each day we have the opportunity to stuff our face, or face our stuff,” she said.

“And we all know that if it’s not in our schedule, it just doesn’t happen.”

The next local network function will be a dinner at the Hotel Crown on Tuesday, October 26 when Nan Berrett of Word Solutions will be giving tips on how to get the most from networking.  A dinner will also be held at Links Lady Bay in Normanville on November 4 when Carolyn Jeffrey will be speaking about how to simplify and shortcut your marketing effort.

Guest speaker Lisa Wells, Eileen Redmond, Rommie Corso, Penny Vanderwal, Leeanne Traeger, Estelle Woods and Dawn Peterson.