Looking at simplifying your marketing

VICTOR HARBOR:  Simplifying your marketing was the topic for the latest Women in Business Regional Network dinner in Victor Harbor.

Among those at the Victor Harbor Women in Business Regional Network dinner were Tania Schiller, Belinda Cardall, Kirsti Knowles, Elle Crawford Marsden, Connie Matthews, Danielle Skrypek, Wendy James and Paula Dickson.

Network founder Carolyn Jeffrey of CJ’s Business Solutions presented the topic amid concerns that business owners were finding their marketing efforts were taking up a lot of time with limited results.

The evening provided those present with 10 considerations about their marketing effort, but a major focus was on visualising and better targeting customers.

“In order to provide a properly focused marketing effort – with less time and money being wasted – we really need to get inside the heads of our targets and to understand what is driving them to make buying decisions,” Carolyn explained.

“It’s not enough to just look at age, gender and location, we need to think about their painpoints, their dreams and even their values.”

Another area Carolyn urged the women to be clear about was what their business was about, what they were selling and what their own story is.

“Over the past three years I’ve listened to many women delivering their elevator pitches at our functions and am conscious that through lack of confidence, lack of experience or simple uncertainty, there are many who struggle to get their message across, even in the non-confrontational settings of our events.

At the Victor Harbor Women in Business Regional Network dinner were Leanne Farr, Dawn Peterson, Christine Taylor, Elizabeth Ellis, Brianna Williams, Wendy Norris and Leanne Reynolds.

“In a nutshell, if you can’t make your message clear, then you’re unlikely to be successful with your marketing.”

Carolyn also urged the women to adopt a more planned approach to their marketing, so that they knew their business was continually being promoted, even if they didn’t have time on a day-to-day basis to be doing it.