Making connections in the Riverland

BERRI: The importance of making quality connections was the key focus of the first Riverland Women in Business Regional Network function for 2020.

Jo-anne Cain, Carolyn Huckel, Kiara Stephenson, Lynn Hand, Erin Gibbs, Emma Gwiazda, Mitch Gibbs, Samantha Docking, Kylie Wall, Elyssa Thurmer, Karen Corell, Diana Van Dam, Chioma Amaechi with, at front, Alysha Herrmann, Kirste Vandergiessen and Julie Day.

Network founder Carolyn Jeffrey presented at the Berri Hotel to a group of almost 20 women in business from throughout the region.

She said creating quality two-way relationships with others was vital to be successful not only in business, but also in our personal lives.

“Many women in business find it challenging to reach out to others for help or to also make a connection with someone and promote what they do,” Carolyn said.

“Our dinner topic was all about helping the women identify who they needed to connect with, how to find and connect with them and to also determine what they want out of the relationship.

“Making a quality connection is not only about selling our products and services, but we can also gain an array of other benefits from good connections, including learning from others and creating a support network for our businesses and for us on a personal level.”

Some women also found their personal confidence was an obstacle when it comes to making connections.

“We went through a number of strategies for the introverts who find it difficult to reach out to people they don’t know, including finding a ‘wing woman’ to attend events with, doing research on those you’re trying to connect with and utilising online options to make connections in the first instance,” Carolyn said.

“Other tips for networking functions included making contact with the organiser to help connect you to others, arriving early so you can be there as others arrive and to look for others in the room who may also look like they could do with a friend.”

The next Riverland function will be a dinner on Monday, May 11 when the focus topic will be work/life balance.