McLaren Vale women get an insurance lesson

The dangers of being online and the need to have regular business insurance assessments were among the lessons learned at the latest Women in Business Regional Network dinner at McLaren Vale on October 15.

The guest speaker was Graeme Jameson of Fleurieu and Hills Insurance who has more than 40 years’ experience in insurance, and who specialises in business insurance.

Among the warnings given were for business people to ensure their staff received proper inductions, particularly about the risks of cyber attack. Graeme emphasised that public wifi shouldn’t be used unless the device was protected by a VPN (virtual private network). One of the women also pointed out the risks of relying on facial recognition after her child had managed to make a purchase from a fast food outlet simply by grabbing the phone and adding their face to the facial recognition after Mum had put her thumb print in.

Another scary story was how the incorrect use of fire extinguishing equipment turned what should have been a $200 fire in a small deep fryer into an $80,000 damage claim through the spreading of the fire and creation of further damage by using a fire blanket and extinguisher to put out the blaze.

The presentation was quite detailed with some of the other tips given by Graeme including to check that if you use your own vehicle for business purposes that the insurance company is aware of the business use or the cover could be void in the event of an accident.

Graeme emphasised during his presentation the need for everyone to do a thorough assessment of their insurance coverage because it’s too late to discover you weren’t covered when a problem occurs and you go to make a claim.

The next network event in McLaren Vale will be a lunch at Blessed Cheese on Wednesday, November 6 when tips will be given on how to create valuable connections with others to help you in business and in your personal life.

The next dinner will be held on November 26 at the Meeting Place McLaren Vale when a representative from nbn™ Local will be speaking about how to get the most out of your internet connection for business and will be fielding questions and concerns about the nbn™ system.

Holly and Leah O’Rourke, Helen Sampson, Kim Stephens, Julia Jaremko, Jo Puplett, Alice Terry, Jodi van der Linden with, at front, Graeme Jameson from Fleurieu & Hills Insurance, Stephanie Altus and Carolyn Brow.