Mindset changes focus for women in business

The latest lunch for the Women in Business Regional Network in Middleton gave the opportunity for those present to take a moment to visualise what they wanted for the next 12 months and beyond.

The network founder, Carolyn Jeffrey, led a very interactive workshop designed for businesswomen to stop and reflect on what they, not anyone else, wanted in their business and to face any obstacles with a focus on solutions rather than challenges.

Carolyn has recently been a provider for the State Government’s SME Business Advisory Service and has been concerned that many business owners were simply so busy dealing with the day-to-day work in their business that they had no vision for where it was going, nor to whether it was following their original reason for becoming a business owner.

“Our world has been turned upside down for better or worse as a result of the global pandemic, and, for many of us, it has changed our perspective on what’s important to us,” Carolyn said.

“It’s important as business owners that we don’t get caught up in the whirlwind of a busy business and forget why we’re in business in the first instance.”

The session gave the opportunity for those present to reflect on whether they wanted to pursue growth, or a winding down of their time in the business, and to take control of the process by not only visualising the plan, but writing it down and being disciplined enough to stick to it.  Celebrating successful achievement of steps in the plan was also a key to success.

Carolyn encouraged everyone in business to ensure they allocated time on a regular basis to work on, rather than in, their businesses, and to acknowledge and regularly revisit their business “why” to help guide decisions.

The next Southern Fleurieu function for the network will be a dinner at the Grosvenor Hotel on Wednesday, July 7 when the focus will be on writing grant applications.  The guest speaker is Paula Dickson of Lined Up Ducks.

At the Middleton lunch were Julie Dunlap, Angela McLean, Elise Thomson, Leanne Farr, Renee Hutchinson, Jan Acheson, Helen Sampson, Kirsti Knowles, Rachel Wolfenden, Wendy Hardy and Penny Vanderwal.