Murray Bridge women get noticed online

How to get yourself and your business noticed online was the theme behind the latest Women in Business Regional Network lunch at Murray Bridge on Monday, October 21.

The event, held at the Swanport Hotel, guided those present through tips on how to get an online presence and improve internet searchability even if a business doesn’t have a website.

Network founder, Carolyn Jeffrey, presented nine actions every business operator could do to improve how they appear in Google and other searches, but without spending a cent.

As the network caters for not only business owners, but also employees, Carolyn encouraged those at the function who didn’t have their own business to also look at how they appeared personally online. 

“If women want to get noticed for employment, as well as within their business, then there is much they too can do to improve their online profile,” Carolyn said.

“I’d encourage everyone to set up a Google Alert for their name, and their business name, if they have one, so they’re informed about what is being said about them online.”

Although Carolyn said every business should have a website, some start-ups hadn’t yet invested in having one built, so there were options such as free Google websites to get them at least found online.

“Many people don’t realise just how many options there are online to list your business without paying anything at all, so it’s a mission of mine to help get women in business online as much as possible, and with a minimum financial outlay,” Carolyn added. The luncheon was the last for Murray Bridge for 2019, but the network will be returning for functions in 2020.

Among the women at the Murray Bridge lunch were Barb Cowey, Kelly Kuhn, Fiona Woolfitt, Liz O’Hara, Jane Carnegie and Anna Scheepers.