Murray Bridge women learn of apps for everything

These days there seems to be an app for everything, and women in business from Murray Bridge and surrounds had the chance to discuss the ins and outs of technology and apps when they met at the Swanport Hotel this week.

Apps to make your personal and business life easier was the topic for the latest lunch for the Women in Business Regional Network.

Network founder Carolyn Jeffrey, who also runs her own business from home, said the opportunity to sync multiple devices and even sync across a number of people in a team provided great efficiency boosts for businesses if they chose the right options.

“When presenting at network functions throughout the state we’re gathering quite an arsenal of information about apps that work well for businesswomen, even many that are free of charge,” Carolyn said.

“Anything that helps ensure women in business are having to spend less time on paperwork, doing tasks multiple times or even remembering things, has got to be worthwhile looking into.”

Some of the apps discussed provided functions of a diary, note taking, business card filing, time keeping, invoicing, and even how to make sure you don’t forget items when you go shopping.

“Every network function I present this topic at presents more apps to be added to our library,” Carolyn said.

Among the new ones that were added to the list at this function were:

The network will be returning to the Swanport Hotel in Murray Bridge on Monday, September 9 when Melanie Masurek from Skilling SA will be speaking about the range of options, including funding and flexibility models, for engaging apprentices and trainees.

Liz O’Hara, Tina Bambury, Kelly Kuhn, Fiona Woolfitt, Mary-Lou Griffiths with, at front, Julie Norris and Justine Searby at the Women in Business Regional Network lunch.