Online presence a focus at Port Pirie

Taking control of your online presence was the focus for the latest Women in Business Regional Network dinner at Port Pirie on November 12.

Latest survey results indicate that more than half of the network’s members and followers sell goods and services online, while those who don’t rely heavily on their online presence for marketing.

Network founder Carolyn Jeffrey led discussion on the need to take control of how your business looks online so that you can correct errors, answer reviews and also add content which can assist with search engine optimisation.

“Many business people don’t realise that even though they may never have entered anything online themselves about the business, the internet can be populated by information and misinformation about them,” Carolyn said.

“It is scary some of the things I’ve found on behalf of my clients: people wrongly claiming to work for a business, their phone numbers being associated with another business, incorrect or out of date addresses, and unanswered reviews (both good and bad).”

The presentation also emphasised that businesses don’t need to have a website to have a good online presence, but there were some good options available to create free websites, particularly through platforms such as Google My Business.

This was the final Port Pirie dinner for 2019, but the network will be returning in 2020.

Dee Scown, Pam Hogben, Kristina Mudge, Cheryl Bruce, Deb Stephens and Di Brennan were among those at the Port Pirie dinner.