Opportunities emerge from COVID-19

MURRAY BRIDGE – Turning the COVID-19 crisis into business opportunities was the focus for the latest Women in Business Regional Network lunch in Murray Bridge.

Network founder Carolyn Jeffrey said there was an increasing number of regional women throughout South Australia reporting rapid growth for their businesses and increased interest from city people to relocate to the regions was exciting news for the future.

However, she acknowledged that there were still those in the wedding, travel and international tourism sectors still facing tough restrictions and challenges.

And it was great to hear from local businesswomen about the growth in their individual businesses as a result of pivots, or simply the changes that had taken place in our community as a result of the pandemic.

Among the growth areas identified in the presentation were cleaning, health and wellbeing, regional intrastate travel, job seeking services, website and online sales, and business consulting.

“Although businesses may not necessarily be in these particular sectors, it is sometimes about seeing the opportunity to link with others in these sectors, or to use the increased interest in health when it comes to promotion and marketing,” Carolyn said.

“An example might be to offer an intrastate travel incentive or prize if you’re not in the travel sector, or to have your business align with a health or wellbeing cause through fundraising or support.”

The network will next gather in Murray Bridge on Wednesday, November 25 with details to be announced at a later date.

Denise Walters, Evelyn Pollard, Elise Gordon, Paula Dickson, Connie Matthews, Jodie Austin and Justine Searby at the Murray Bridge lunch for the Women in Business Regional Network.