Quality connections key to success

Businesswomen in McLaren Vale and the Southern Suburbs learned more about how to make quality connections and who they should connecting with when the Women in Business Regional Network held a lunch at Blessed Cheese this week.

Network founder Carolyn Jeffrey said there’s sometimes a fine line between feeling like a stalker and reaching out professionally to make a connection with people who may be able to assist us in our businesses.

“It has become clear from travelling the state with the network that businesswomen in regional areas don’t want to be harangued by others promoting their businesses and selling their products,” Carolyn said.

“But this shouldn’t hold women in business back from stepping out of their comfort zones and seeking out quality relationships with people who can assist them in their businesses.

“We’ve seen the network grow dramatically over the past 12 months and this is largely due to the fact that women are finding quality connections where they can create collaboration opportunities such as sharing space and costs, work together on marketing, learn from each other or simply be there to provide some emotional support when things don’t go to plan.”

Women at the lunch were encouraged to identify some of their personal barriers to reaching out to people they don’t know and then frame an action plan to overcome them.

“A lack of confidence is probably one of the biggest barriers for many women; they don’t think they’re worthy to have a relationship with someone who appears to be more successful or they don’t think they’ve got anything to offer another businesswoman,” Carolyn said.

“We have to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones to reach out to others because you can’t argue with the fact that strength and success can be gained from working together.”

The next McLaren Vale dinner will be on Tuesday, November 26 at the Meeting Place when a representative from nbn™ Local will be speaking about how to get the most out of your internet connection for business and will be fielding questions and concerns about the nbn™ system.

Carolyn Brow, Helen Sampson, Shawna Barber, Linda Elletson, Julia Jaremko with, at front, Jo Puplett, Alice Terry, Sharon Boath and Jacqui Good.