Time management tips for business

Making better use of limited time was the theme for the latest Women in Business Regional Network lunch for the Barossa.

Network founder Carolyn Jeffrey challenged those present to be honest with themselves about why they might struggle to get tasks completed. She said the way we deal with our tasks and time management is very much a personal experience, so it was important to identify the challenges and address them in a way that worked for the individual.

Some of the top challenges include procrastinating over a difficult or unpleasant task, simply being unrealistic about the amount of work to be undertaken, external distractions, and a lack of skills or knowledge.

The women were encouraged to “eat the frog” or deal with the most feared or hated tasks early, to ensure the issue didn’t continue to tax energy and thought resources for other tasks.

“Often we stress about a task for days on end and when we actually do it, it turns out it wasn’t as bad as we built it up to be.  In the meantime, we have spent resources thinking about it when we could have focused on something more important,” Carolyn said.

Carolyn also touched on how women in business could utilise technology to help save time. This included opportunities to streamline email inboxes, automate regular processes and make better use of everyday technology, including accounting apps.

She encouraged those present to also block out time for tasks and to identify and deal with regular distractions to ensure a better focus, and more efficiency, when undertaking tasks.

The lunch, at the Vine Inn in Nuriootpa, also provided the opportunity to showcase the network’s new regional women in business online magazine, WiBChat, which is to be published every two months. The first edition was published on November 1.

This was the final network function in Barossa for 2021. A new program is currently being prepared for 2022.

Kira Breen, Kelly White, Michelle George and Laura Mudge.