Venture Dorm comes to Mount Barker

The Mount Barker Council has partnered with the Flinders University’s New Venture Institute to present some exciting events for business owners and operators in Mount Barker over the next few weeks.

Already this month a series of conversations were held involving local business owners, but Venture Dorm is coming next month.

Does this sound like you? ‘I’m constantly thinking about my big idea, but I just don’t know how to get things started.’ ‘I’m a seasoned entrepreneur, but I want to get this new idea going.’ ‘Being an entrepreneur has always been something I’d like to try, but it is a big step. How do I even get started?’
If you said yes – then Venture Dorm is for you!

In addition to entrepreneurial workshops the New Venture Institute will deliver its highly successful Venture Dorm program in Mount Barker. It’s an award-winning pre-accelerator program designed to equip you with the skills and start-up mind-set you will need to successfully navigate the next phase of your new venture.

Week-by-week, Venture Dorm facilitators will guide you through, help you to perfect your pitch and connect you up to mentors that will support you with their experience and expertise. 8 weeks later, you will have clearly defined your ‘next steps’ and will have the confidence to take them forward.

It’s hands-on, immersive and the ideal program for anyone with a great idea asking themselves what do I need to do to make this happen?

For more information and to how to book refer to the flyer below.