Victor women told: “clear up your thinking & gain strength”

‘Clear up your thoughts and you will gain strength and positive outcomes’ was the message for the Women in Business Regional Network women when they met at a dinner in Victor Harbor on Monday, May 13.

The guest speaker was Mount Compass businesswoman, author and life coach Cathy Domoney who assists clients throughout the world to better utilise their thinking and minds for both personal and business success.

It was one of the largest crowds for a network dinner and the feedback was that many in the room could already see how they could change their thinking processes.

Cathy encouraged the women to rid their mind of unhelpful thoughts; to stop thinking the worst case scenario; and to seek out the possibilities rather than seeing obstacles.

With businesswomen often juggling a number of roles, including that of mother and wife, it was also important for women to set boundaries, and to accept it’s okay to say no to some people or pathways; to say yes to opportunities or to say nothing at all and just nod in some instances.

Through telling the story of Portia Nelson: An Autobiography in Five Chapters, Cathy was also able to simply demonstrate that if we keep doing the same thing over and over and thinking the same thoughts repeatedly we can’t expect to get a different or better outcome.  We have to change the way we think and the actions we take.

The women were encouraged to go away and identify what was toxic in their life and thoughts, to connect with themselves and to start using their voice (both inner and outer) to draw personal power.

A number of tools were mentioned that could assist in life redesigning, including vision boards, desire statements, visualisations and affirmations.

The next Victor Harbor function for the Women in Business Regional Network will be a lunch on Wednesday, June 12 at the Hotel Crown when Graeme Jameson from Fleurieu & Hills Insurance will speak on the ins and outs of business insurance.

The next dinner will be on Thursday, June 27 at the Hotel Crown when network founder Carolyn Jeffrey will give a presentation on how to get noticed in Google searches, even if you don’t have a website.