Women in business discuss their future

A small but enthusiastic group welcomed the return to the Barossa of the Women in Business Regional Network for a lunch on August 3.

The function, at The Vine Inn, focused on the topic of “Where to next?” with network founder Carolyn Jeffrey leading a discussion about how to set goals and think strategically in business.

The event attracted women in business from Eden Hills, the Clare Valley, Barossa, and even the Riverland.

Carolyn said the pandemic had made thinking strategically even more challenging for many businesses having to adapt to restrictions and economic changes, as well as changes to their own lifestyle and visions of the future.

“It is a case of either drought or plenty it seems for many businesses – either so busy we don’t have time to think, or still struggling due to the impact of COVID restrictions.  Our session provided the opportunity for those present to reflect on what they really wanted from their businesses, and also remember the passion that was behind starting their businesses,” Carolyn said.

“It’s important that we have a driver to keep us going in business because there are plenty of challenges that threaten to derail our dreams and our visions, so remembering our “why” is a great motivator.”

Carolyn said it was also important that those who operate businesses could identify what they wanted their future to look like, without imposing what they may perceive as others’ expectations of what the business should do.

“My advice to anyone in business at the moment is to try to plan strategically in smaller increments – months, rather than years – particularly if you’re finding it difficult to cope with the ever-changing world in the pandemic.  And, this probably applies to personal lives as much as business too.”

Work is underway to organise another function in the Barossa Valley in the near future.

Among those at the Barossa lunch were Jo-anne Cain, Kerry Comerford, Sandra Carruthers and Kira Breen.