Women learn secrets of Feng Shui

Creating the perfect space for happiness and also productivity was the focus for the latest Women in Business Regional Network lunch in Port Pirie.

The presenter was local businesswoman Moira Coffey from Roar Interior Design who spoke about combining Feng-Shui principles with client personality.

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of arranging spaces and objects to achieve harmony and balance.

The presentation was very hands-on starting with everyone choosing a coloured piece of paper and making something, then talking about why they chose that colour.

Next, they discussed Feng-Shui principles and how to use them as a vision board and how to use Bagua (the Feng Shui energy map) in your house.  Colours and numerology created a great deal of discussion, and there was surprise that many in the room picked the number four.

Moira explained how she had designed her own house, and other clients’ properties, to be in line with Feng-Shui.

This was the final network event in Port Pirie for 2021.  Work is underway to develop the program for 2022 and details are set to be announced shortly.

Jane Jeffrey, Emily Turci, Moira Coffey, Cheryl Bruce, Dee Scown and Michelle Mummery.