Women learn smarter ways to market

Taking the stress and hard work out of marketing was the theme for the first 2021 Strathalbyn event for the Women in Business Regional Network.

Sonya Lorenz, Rachel Howard, Vivienne Goodenough, Rosie Fisher, Demelza Thorpe, Connie Matthews, Tina Bambury, Shaye Clark with, at back Susan Connell, Kendra Chang, Erica Morgan, Anita Bayford and Julie Dunlap.

The event, at the Victoria Hotel, had one of the largest attendances, with several new faces welcomed too.

Network founder Carolyn Jeffrey from Victor Harbor was the presenter on the topic of Smarter Ways to Market, urging the women to put themselves in the shoes of their marketing targets and to take time to plan and schedule marketing.

“2020 created a lot of challenges for people in business, and it has left many feeling exhausted, particularly where they couldn’t work in their businesses, so they focused on activities such as marketing,” Carolyn said.

“It created an almost hyper-vigilance about marketing, but, in many respects some businesses just weren’t going to see any change to their cashflow because the pandemic circumstances were the overriding factor.

“Those in small business often have to do everything in their business, including marketing, so it’s important that they have simple and manageable tools and advice they can use to make the job easier so they can focus on running their business and doing what they love.”

The next Strathalbyn dinner is scheduled for Monday, April 12 when Samantha Docking  will speak about automation, finance and HR.