Work/life balance a focus at Belvidere dinner

Setting boundaries and breaking habits were on the to-do list for women in business when they attended this month’s Women in Business Regional Network dinner at the Oasis Function Centre and Restaurant at Belvidere.

The topic for discussion was work/life balance.  As well as discussing the issue, the women played a game to assess for themselves what their work/life equation looked like.

Network founder, Carolyn Jeffrey, who has faced mental breakdown issues in the past said women in business regularly faced exhaustion, both mentally and physically, which impacted not only themselves but also their family units and business success.

“Despite the move towards equality it is a fact that women still bear the brunt of the domestic chores and childcare and now, increasingly, they’re juggling that with the demands of owning and running a business,” Carolyn said.

“We need to look carefully at what we pack into our lives and reconsider our priorities and what is driving us.  Importantly, we need to know that it’s okay to say no to some of the demands placed upon us.

“We each need to define what success looks like for us, what we want to get out of life and what we need, and then alter our activities to suit that.”

Carolyn said many women realised their work/life balance was way out of balance, but found it hard to find the time and the headspace to stop and think about how they could fix it.

“The harsh reality is that we must make the time to critically analyse what we can do to fix our situation now, or our lifestyle may impact so significantly on our health that we won’t get the chance to look at it in the future,” she said.

The next Strathalbyn dinner will be on Monday, November 4 at the Victoria Hotel when the topic will be how to make meaningful connections to help in your business and personal life.

Simple steps you can take to improve your work/life balance:

Simple steps towards achieving better work/life balance:

  • Be honest about your current work/life equation
  • Define what your work/life balance ideal would be
  • Identify your own signs of imbalance
  • Identify what’s stopping you from achieving work/life balance
  • What can you do to overcome the obstacles?
  • What can you do to beef up the life side of your equation?