Work/life balance coming to Yorke Peninsula

Balancing work, life and personal commitments will be the focus for the next Yorke Peninsula functions for the Women in Business Regional Network.

Network founder Carolyn Jeffrey said women faced increasing pressures to try to live up to a “superwoman” persona when, in reality, we are all just human and deserve to be able to enjoy life too.

“Despite moves towards better gender equality, I think it’s fair to say women are still bearing the majority of the burden of looking after children and household chores,” Carolyn said.

“Put this alongside demanding business or employment commitments and you have a recipe for burnout, which we need to try to prevent.”

A dinner at the Royal Exchange Hotel in Kadina on Monday, September 30 will explore work/life balance and allow attendees to self-assess their balance status and look at why they may be overburdening themselves with work and other commitments.

Unfortunately, our latest function for southern Yorke Peninsula had to be cancelled at the last minute as the chef from the Ardrossan Hotel fell ill and the venue was not open for meals. This highlights one of the many challenges regional businesses face, a lack of suitable staff and opportunity for a backup plan when things don’t go to plan.

The last Kadina function in July looked at helping businesses get noticed on Google even if they didn’t have a website.

“An increasing reliance upon the internet for finding businesses, locations and to get feedback on products and services means it’s vital business owners and managers stay on top of what’s needed to be found in Google and other online searches,” Carolyn said.

“In country areas such as Yorke Peninsula this exercise is much easier than in the city, but still many business operators don’t realise what’s available to them at little or no cost to help create an online profile.”

The network has recently also started offering online networking sessions, including training opportunities, to help cater for those women unable to make it to physical catchups due to isolation, work or domestic commitments.

“Just because these women are located in outlying areas or have to care for children or other relatives shouldn’t mean they are denied access to the same opportunities as other women in business,” Carolyn said.

“The network is about inclusivity and about ensuring women in business in regional areas, no matter their circumstances, are able to access quality training and the opportunity to network and gain support from others.”