Work/life balance conversation at Victor Harbor

The search for work/life balance was the focus for the latest Women in Business Regional Network lunch held at the Crown Hotel Victor Harbor on July 22.

The conversation was led by founder Carolyn Jeffrey who was assisted by Mount Compass life coach Cathy Domoney, Victor Harbor counsellor Kita Scott and Victor Harbor holistic healer Alyonna Parveen.

The more than 30 women who were in attendance had the opportunity for some self-assessment of their work/life equation and robust discussion took place on the importance of finding a life outside of the work and domestic stresses.

Carolyn spoke frankly about her own battles with burnout and admitted finding work/life balance was a challenge for her personally.

“The clear message from our conversation was that we each needed to value our needs and our time more and that the power to change our work/life equation was in our own hands,” Carolyn said.

“Everyone has different obstacles to overcome in their own work/life equation, whether that be our backgrounds, our domestic situation, our business/employment demands or simply habits we have developed.

“Creating a more healthy equation can be a long process and those at our lunch were encouraged to identify just one action they could take to improve their situation and to make an undertaking to themselves to take the action.”

Carolyn said that travelling around the state with the network had shown stress, burnout and mental health issues were significant problems for women in business in regional areas and she hoped the network could go some way towards improving the situation.

CLICK HERE to download some work/life balance tips from Kita Scott, Your Caring Counsellor.

The next Victor Harbor dinner on Thursday, August 8 will hear from Olivia Knott of South Coast Realty on the subject of enhancing your social media with video. The next lunch on Wednesday, September 4 will feature a presentation on personal styling from Jo Puplett of Inspired by Hannah.