Work/life balance focus for Pirie women

PORT PIRIE: The challenges of staying on top of our working life and our personal life were in focus at the latest Women in Business Regional Network dinner at Port Pirie on February 25.

There were many new faces welcomed and the women were given the chance to assess their own work/life equation and to determine if they deserved to devote more time to themselves and if their business and working life was impacting their health and loved ones.

Founder Carolyn Jeffrey said the open sharing of past experiences by those present was indicative of the supportive and safe environment the network has created for women in business in regional areas.

“To get reassurance that we’re not alone in our juggling of our multiple roles, and to hear others share some tips they’ve learned from their own life journey is truly the strength of the network and an underlying reason for its formation,” Carolyn said.

“Women are faced with a range of demands on their time, physical and mental resources including often maintaining traditional domestic and childcare roles as well as holding down jobs and/or running businesses.

“Such juggling, if tipped in the wrong direction, can result in burnout which not only impacts the woman in business but often her family and loved ones too.”

The women were encouraged to assess what threatened their work/life balance and to identify strategies to deal with those threats.

“Often it’s a case of dealing with the way we’ve been brought up, the work culture we’ve found ourselves in, the habits we’ve formed or even just the need to set boundaries such as not replying to business social media messages after hours,” Carolyn said.

“The digital age, mobile phones and social media has only increased the pressures on business people with customers having greater access to businesses whether or not they’re physically open. All of us, regardless of gender, need to be able to switch off and recharge, so boundaries often need to be set in terms of how we deal with these intrusions into our personal time.”

The next Port Pirie dinner will be held on Tuesday, April 28 when a representative from the network’s corporate partner nbn™ Local will be hearing feedback about local services and providing hints and tips on how to gain improved communication services designed for efficient business use. 

Deidre Kent, Kellie Higginbotham, Vanessa Coulson, Cheryl Bruce, Michelle Mummery, Dianne McComb and Kristina Mudge were among the women to attend the dinner in Port Pirie.