Yorke Peninsula women talk work/life balance

Juggling domestic, business and personal life is a challenge and Yorke Peninsula women in business gathered in Kadina this week to discuss ways to improve their work/life balance.

The dinner, held at the Royal Exchange Hotel, was organised by the Women in Business Regional Network which holds regular events throughout the state.

The women in attendance were given the chance to self-assess their own work/life equations and to decide what constituted life and work for them.

Network founder Carolyn Jeffrey said there was much discussion around dealing with the 21st century demands of technology, including expectations of clients that business people are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“It’s important that we all get the chance to switch off and spend time doing activities which help us relax or that we enjoy,” Carolyn said.

“As someone who has wrestled with mental health issues related to stress during my career, the impact of stress, burnout and overwork are not pretty. Not only does overwork impact us personally but can also have far-reaching effects on our family and loved ones.”

Carolyn said there were a number of obstacles for people achieving a good balance including habits and culture instilled from our upbringing, being influenced by others’ expectations, poor time management skills and finances.

Those present were encouraged to jot down and commit to at least one action they would take to improve their work/life balance.

The next Women in Business Regional Network function will be a dinner at the Royal Exchange Hotel in Kadina on Monday, November 11 when the topic for discussion will be how to make meaningful connections to assist in business and personal life.

Samara Shane, Robyn Janitz, Jeanette Stevens, Gaynor Harding, Kayla Perry and Susanna Philbey.