10% off mindset program

Best-selling author and highly successful Inspired Spirit Law of Attraction Coach Cathy Domoney is offering members a 10% discount off her new Manifesting Mindset Formula for Clients and Manifesting Mindset Coaching Academy for Coaches.

Manifesting Mindset Formula discount

You may have been privileged to have attended network events where Cathy was a presenter.

Cathy, who is based at Mount Compass, has been trained by Australia’s number one, award-winning Law of Attraction Coach & Mentor, Sandy Forster. Cathy has mentored clients worldwide on how to find their inner-guidance, strength, skills, talents, and gifts and she’s a founding member of the Association of Transformational Leaders (ATL Australia).

Cathy started the Miracle-Ready Mindset Movement and has guided clients to reprogram old habits that no longer serve them & remove blocks from their future dreams, progress & prosperity.

Cathy has over 20 years’ experience in personal growth and has learned from many of the world’s best life-teachers and philosophers and a wealth of personal experience and knowledge that makes her approach both personal and unique. She helps clients to reprogram their negative inner dialogue & create new habits of the body and mind FAST!

Quick Facts:

Manifesting Mindset Formula: Clients

Manifesting Mindset Coaching Academy: Coaches

All of the courses include:

  • • Lifetime access
  • • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • • Exclusive Member’s Area
  • • Exclusive Facebook Community
  • • Email Support
  • • Exclusive Bonuses and Special Offers

Create financial freedom, part-time whilst enriching the lives of others.

“I did it and I will teach you how to do it too. Let’s do this!!” Cathy says.

Offer: 10% off for financial members of the Women in Business Regional Network. Offer valid until 30 March 2020.

Here’s what network founder Carolyn Jeffrey had to say after being a client of Cathy’s:

“I cannot thank Cathy enough for helping me to shed the baggage, find out and accept who I am and be able to enjoy the fruits of my labour. I’ve had the benefit of guidance from several counsellors at different stages of my life, but felt Cathy truly understood me and wanted me to succeed in a way that was sustainable. I was a sceptic when it came to vision boards and similar non-traditional methods, but have to admit to now being a convert. In the past 12 months, I have achieved way beyond the conservative dreams I outlined in my initial board and am about to embark on a fresh one for 2020.

“Cathy helped me to plot my own destiny rather than telling me what that destiny should be. She guided me through setting boundaries, taking control of my thoughts, focusing my thoughts and clearing the sludge of 50 years that hampered my happiness and thought processes.

“The four sessions I had were life-changing in a way that was noticed by those around me and I would recommend her services and guidance to anyone seeking to navigate difficult times, recover from trauma and heartache or those simply seeking to find their pathway to happiness. Thank you.”

Another network member Stephanie Altus, the author of My Faded Uniform and founder of 1 Big Goal also has high praise for Cathy:

“Cathy has a beautiful method of drawing out the authenticity of who you are. She helps you to reignite the flames within that had died down, and build the confidence to move forward in wholeness. Cathy’s coaching and mentoring took my journey to a whole new level of extraordinary.”

To find out more about the program visit www.cathydomoney.com.

Cathy Domoney