Women in Business Regional Network membershipThe Women in Business Regional Network operates on a membership basis with a wide range of benefits on offer.  Membership is open to all women in business in regional areas – owners, managers or those thinking of starting a business.

We welcome women from traditional for-profit businesses, not-for-profits and charities, social enterprises and hobbies.

Membership is open to those operating businesses outside the metropolitan areas, defined as areas with a postcode other than beginning with 50.

The network offers four types of membership:

Unlike many business organisations you will never be asked to sit on a board; although we would love to continually receive feedback from you on your wants and needs in terms of assisting you with your business journey.

We will never require you to volunteer your time for fundraising or the like, although we may from time to time assist worthy causes.

Within your annual membership you receive a wide range of benefits including business promotion, discounts, priority connections to other businesses, Members Only resources via the website and more.

The following outlines the expectations (terms and conditions) of both members and the Women in Business Regional Network.

Members receive:

  • Access to regular networking opportunities – no less than six per year in each of our designated coverage area.
  • Listing and promotion on the Women In Business Regional Network directory on our website.
  • Discounted tickets to network events.
  • Opportunities to access discounts to some non-Women in Business Regional Network events
  • Invitations and access to functions offering training and guest speakers of relevance to them in their business journey
  • Newsletter – no more than monthly, but more than quarterly, delivered to email inbox … and available online to members only
  • Opportunities to link up and connect with other women in business (at various stages of their business journey) from other regional areas as the network grows.
  • Access to a referral service whereby Women in Business Regional Network will endeavour to connect members to other members who can offer required services/products/opportunities/expertise.
  • Membership to a closed Facebook page where free discussion can occur between members
  • The opportunity to display the Women In Business Regional Network logo in association with promotion of their business.
  • Access to discounted advertising within the Women In Business Regional Network newsletter and website.
  • Access to discounts for participation in any promotions undertaken by the Women in Business Regional Network eg if a Women’s Expo or awards program etc was conducted.
  • Member Only access to some of our online resources.

Members are expected to:

  • Promote the Women in Business Regional Network to like-minded colleagues
  • Actively contribute to assist others at networking functions and through the Facebook group (if you are a member of Facebook)
  • Maintain the commercial confidentiality of anything discussed by members during networking and other events.
  • Remain a subscriber to the Women in Business Regional Network newsletter for the duration of the membership period.
  • Contribute regularly to the growth and development of the Women in Business Regional Network through participation in surveys and feedback forms/sessions.
  • Abide by the rules of the closed Facebook group.
  • At all times provide a role of encouragement to fellow members of the Women in Business Regional Network

Women in Business Regional Network will:

  • Maintain the confidentiality of information received from members during networking functions.
  • Not share contact names and contact details of members with a third party except where agreed to by the member.
  • Deliver programs and benefits as promised in the “Members will receive” clause above.