Cathy launches books to boost children’s confidence

Cathy Domoney

Mount Compass member Cathy Domoney has just launched not one but four new books to help encourage positive thinking to create confident children.

Cathy, of Miracle-Ready Mindset Mentor, said her books were only launched earlier this month and already have rocketed her to the upper echelons of Amazon Publishing’s sales lists for distance education books.

Cathy said the books introduce children and parents to the power of regaining control over their inner-dialogue and transforming it in to a powerful mindset which sets them up for success.

As well as being a mother of five children, Cathy is also a counsellor who has spent much of her career assisting with life coaching for children who face a range of personal challenges and those with disabilities.

One of the books, Dear Bully, has been illustrated by Cathy’s daughter, Skye.

“Children are facing increasing pressures and challenges both in their school and social lives,” she says.

“The Positive Mindset For Kids series helps children to regain control over negative self-talk and begin to program their mind for inner confidence and success.”

Each of the four books comes with a resource section which can be used by parents,
teachers and professionals alike to further explore the book, its message and the important issues within them.

The books are:

  • Pop Finds His Smile – an exploration into how perception and mindset can directly impact our experience of the world.
  • Dear Bully… – an important conversation-starter discussing the possible reasons that someone chooses to demonstrate bullying behaviours and ways that we can help.
  • I Am Perfectly Me! is an exploration into the hate that we can receive from the outside world and how we can choose to disregard it and connect to our true power and strength.
  • Am I Weird? – is a celebration of individuality and embracing the things that make you stand out proudly from the crowd.

These four books follow from the success of Cathy’s previous release The Magic is Inside You which is also aimed at encouraging positivity in children.

The books are available through Amazon Publishing in either paperback or kindle form.

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