Chance to reflect on 2019

Women in business throughout the Southern Fleurieu had the chance to stop and reflect on their plans for 2019 during Women in Business Regional Network functions in Victor Harbor and Strathalbyn in January.

The guest speaker was foundation member, Rosemary Killip, who has recently set-up residence on a part-time basis in Encounter Bay.

Rosie is mostly based in New Zealand and is widely recognised for her business coaching, mentoring, speaking and training expertise.  She’s also an author and well-respected in the construction sector in New Zealand.

Those who attended the dinner in Strathalbyn and lunch in Victor Harbor were asked to think about the things in their business life they enjoyed doing, areas they wanted to see grow and to seek out opportunities for collaborations to make their business lives more enjoyable.

Common threads for barriers to business development raised by the women included procrastination over the less pleasant tasks, dealing with paperwork and accounting requirements and juggling family and business commitments.

An opportunity was provided for women to pair up with others in the room who they didn’t know to discuss their issues and concerns and to reach out to others for help.

Pictured at the January dinner at Strathalbyn are Stephanie Altus, Julie Dunlap, Nicole Cleggett, Cindy Westphalen, Sonya Lorenz, Vanessa De Lisio, Tina Bambury, Kita Scott, Karina Irvine with, at front, Mardi Badcock, Rosemary Killip and Karyn Bradford.