Consider financial coaching

In this article member Kerryn Shaw, an Associate Financial Adviser at Calder Wealth Management, talks about how financial coaching is the key to personal financial success.


As business owners, we are taught early to do loads of research before business commences and to make sure we develop sound business plans to revisit each year and make sure our vision and plans are on track.

But do we do that in our own personal lives?

It’s surprising how many people just plod along in their daily lives and don’t really have focus or simple financial goals in mind.   Most people are just happy if they have enough cash to pay their electricity bills or splurge on a nice restaurant every now and then.   This sort of behaviour doesn’t really provide any relief from the worry and stress that comes with financial concerns.

Well, what if you had some financial goals and objectives and understood they were the basis to maintain your ideal lifestyle and are linked to lifelong financial success?

At Calder Wealth we’ve developed structures and systems that are easy for our clients to manage but also provide us the necessary information to help us coach you on an ongoing basis to achieve your ideal lifestyle and relieve the stress of financial concerns.

Cash flow is the key to every successful financial plan.   Working within parameters of the plan we set initially significantly enhances the probability of success.

We build lifelong cash flow projections to gain an understanding of the years where you will have challenges and the years where you will have opportunities.  This ensures that you will be prepared for the opportunities well in advance and you do not waste them on indiscriminate spending.

We also ensure that the amount of cash flow available to you is maximised, by reducing, where possible, the taxes that you pay and the costs that you incur. Ultimately, our work with you around cash flow enables you to understand the future financial consequences of the decisions that you make today.

We continually monitor and reinforce the behaviours and action items and tie them to your personal goals and objectives.

We utilise a ‘Benchmarking’ system to test the success of the cash flow plan.  We do a mid-year progress check and then meet annually to discuss the detail.

We know that overspending, relative to budget, is by far the greatest risk to our clients’ long term success which may in turn lead to stress, anxiety and poor decision making. This is inconsistent with our entire business vision. To help ensure this does not happen, we have determined structures that provide our clients with the highest probability of working within their spending targets.

Each structure has been proven to help clients and has been created to be simple and easy for clients to manage.

The implementation of a client’s particular cash flow structure, not only provides the client with a high probability of working within their budget, it also provides us with the necessary information to help us coach and guide them on an ongoing basis.

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Written by Kerryn Shaw, Associate Financial Adviser at Calder Wealth Management.