DOME offers free workplace diversity audits

Businesses have the chance to improve their workforce mix through a free Workplace Diversity Assessment Service being offered by DOME Association.

DOME is represented in the network by Victor Harbor-based member Debbie Crook.

Executive director Johanna Milbank said the free Workforce Diversity Assessments were being offered by DOME with support from the Office of Ageing Well.

Assessments will cover recruitment practices and policies;

  • Performance review processes;
  • Staff professional development;
  • Staff retention; and
  • Flexible workplace practices.

“All of these play a role in an organisation’s ability to recruit and maintain a diversified workforce,” Ms Milbank said.

“Employees from different backgrounds bring with them a variety of knowledge, thinking styles, skills and abilities that contribute at all levels of the organisation to the delivery of its products and services.

“If you don’t structure for workforce diversity you are limiting your organisation’s potential.”

Ms Milbank said benefits of a diverse workforce included improved hiring results, reduced staff turnover, faster problem solving, increased profits and increased creativity.

If you would like to know more about the free Workforce Diversity Assessments contact DOME Association on 8410 4344, 0423 134 725 or email johanna.milbank@dome.org.au.