GLOW featured in 7’s House Rules program

Having your brand featured on a major national television show may not be on the business plan for everyone, but, let’s face it, who would say no to the opportunity?

And so it was for Glow Heating Cooling Electrical which was recently among the brands included in the Channel 7 reality show House Rules, and can now use the banner “Proud supplier to House Rules 7” in its advertising.

The business’s Middleton store manager Karen Green, who is also mum to the brand’s co-owner Brooke Green and one of our newest members, was more than thrilled about the promotional opportunity that was provided.

Queensland couple Shayn and Carly received a score of 10 from Lisa and Andy after choosing the white Invicta Tennesee Wood Heater for their Woodcroft home renovation project.  The loungeroom itself brought tears to the eyes of Lisa, which then prompted a similar response from Carly.

Karen explained that although being chosen to have a product featured in the show was a thrill, one of the challenges the suppliers face is to contain their excitement enough to keep it a secret.

Suppliers must sign strict confidentiality agreements, so little can be revealed about their involvement.

Although most of us might expect that money changes hands to get the chance to be included on a show like House Rules, Karen said this was not the case.

“Shayn and Carly simply came into the showroom at Warradale and made the selection,” she explained.

And, although being included on the show, and being able to capitalise on social media promotional opportunities as a result, it is unfortunate that although Glow has been inundated with inquiry about the white wood heater, that model has now been discontinued.

However, Karen assures everyone there’s still plenty of other options available at both the Warradale and Middleton stores.

Glow Heating Cooling Electrical specialises in supplying, installing, servicing and repairing air conditioners, wood heaters, heating systems, solar panel systems and carries out all types of electrical work.

The South Coast store can be contacted on 8554 2860 or the city store on 8397 6100.  For more details visit