Have you considered a trainee or apprentice?

The Women in Business Regional network is pleased to be partnering with Skilling South Australia to present a series of presentations and conversations about training and employment opportunities in South Australia, particularly for trainees and apprentices.

This is the first of a number of articles about opportunities to engage apprentices and trainees. Watch our calendar of events for details of when Skilling SA will be speaking in your area.

Have you ever considered the value an apprentice or trainee could bring to your business? Recruiting under a Training Contract allows you to develop and align the skills of a new employee to your unique business needs, while they bring the latest ideas from their qualification into your workplace.

Through the Skilling South Australia initiative, the State Government is significantly investing in creating 20,800 additional apprenticeships and traineeships – recognising these mutually-beneficial employment arrangements as the best way to build local capability in some of our state’s fastest growing industries.

Subsidised vocational courses are now available through both TAFE SA and non-government training providers—meaning that if you have a skills gap in your business, it’s highly likely an apprenticeship or traineeship can fill it.

Travel and Accommodation Allowances have nearly doubled, assisting regional employers with the cost incurred when an apprentice travels long distances to attend training.

“Employers have told us apprentices are enthusiastic and loyal workers who reward training efforts with an eagerness to learn and grow within your organisation,” a Skilling SA representative said.

“We understand running a business is a huge investment of your time, which is why the State Government has established a statewide advisory service to address your unique enquiries; with dedicated staff members available to guide you through the process from start-to-finish.”

And, if you don’t want to hire an apprentice directly, you can elect to host someone through a Group Training Organisation (GTO) instead. 

A GTO will handle all matters of recruitment, training and wages while the apprentice completes their workplace experience with your business for as long as you choose.

To find out more about hiring an apprentice or trainee, visit Skilling SA’s website, follow them on social media, or call the Skilling South Australia Infoline on 1800 673 097. 

Skilling SA apprentices and trainees