Lisa Drury has turned her hobby into her business

Lisa Drury’s life’s work is about helping others connect to their spirituality. Three years ago after undertaking a small business course she turned her hobby into her business and during COVID pivoted to teaching and making products for sale. Read more about Lisa, her journey and her business, Geomancing the Stone:

Name: Lisa Drury

Business Name: Geomancing the Stone

Phone Number: 0474 492 035

Website address: www.geomancingthestone.com

Email address: lisa04050@gmail.com

Physical address: 4 Samarra Drive, Sellicks Beach, SA, 5174

What does your business do?

Lisa Drury is a Geomancer and Sharman who makes shamanic and medicine tools for sale and runs regular shamanic drum and medicine rattle classes. This gives the spiritual experience of making your own shamanic tools to enhance your connection to Spirit.

Lisa started her journey within, by crafting her own unique medicine wheel over 34 years ago. At its centre is Great Spirit, Father Sky, then Mother Earth with 4 corresponding elements shown at the edge of the cloth. The equal thirds of this triad form a portal used to channel spiritual guidance called Geomancy Readings.

The wisdom and knowledge from crystal runes used as divine messengers on the cloth, has been intuitively gifted to Lisa over many decades. The elemental symbology present on the medicine wheel is Spiritual Fire, Intellect as Air, Physical Earth and Emotional Water. These let you know what aspects of your life form the basis of the patterns made by the crystal cast.

Some of the crystals represent planets in our solar system that illuminate different aspects of self. The crystal runes always have the same meaning since the beginning of this unique divination system. The only thing that changes is where you randomly cast the runes onto the medicine wheel cloth. This is where your story begins to unfold and your comprehension and healing deepens. Lisa’s review of the patterns in front of you, through the placement and properties of the crystal runes can deepen your appreciation of your life path.

The runes uncanny accuracy within these geomancy readings is absolutely mind-blowing and Lisa’s direct communication and channelling with the crystals, work with your higher self. In the presence of soul your decisions become clearer, for your main issues and all the connections involved can be observed through identifying the patterns and stones which witness how your life is unfolding.

What area do you serve? Home Business Address: Sellicks Beach, SA Online Geomancy Readings: International, Interstate and Local Psychic Expo and Fairs: Local and Regional South Australian

How long have you been in business? Just over 3 years

Did you found the business? Yes – as my hobby grew and I got return customers year after year, my unique Geomancy Readings were inspirational in getting my business going. COVID shutdowns made me pivot my business to teaching and making different shamanic products for sale.

Please provide up to 5 dot points about your business journey:

  1. 1988 – Design Original Medicine Wheel (Southern Hemisphere) choose crystals as Runes
  2. 1990’s Give Geomancy Readings mainly for myself, friends and family
  3. 2009 – Start doing Geomancy Readings at Psychic Fairs in South Australia as a hobby
  4. 2018 – September: Register Business Name “Geomancing the Stone”
  5. 2019 – December: Cert IV Small Business Course through NEIS. Start full time working in my own spiritual business.

Name two things you’ve learned from your business journey?

  1. Helping others connect to their spirituality is my life’s work and passion.
  2. There are many many decisions to make, hats to wear and so much to do.

Why did you join the Women in Business Network? To get support and encouragement from other women and connect in a circle, to reciprocate all that is given to me back into the collective.