Mandy launches horse agistment website

Inman Valley member Mandy Smith is about to launch a website to act as a matchmaking service between those looking for horse agistment and those who are able to provide it.

Mandy, who operates Unicorn Equine Services, has described Agistment Finder as her “adapt and flex COVID baby”.

The service will be available for use by private property owners plus small and large businesses who are looking to attract horse agistment opportunities.

“To the uninitiated horsey person this sounds relatively simple, but it is actually quite complicated,” Mandy said.

“There’s such a wide range of people, horses, requirements and facilities/services needed.”

“I’m hoping this site will benefit businesses – large and small – and private property owners by saving them time by streamlining the advertising/marketing process and reducing time spent with clients who are not a match for their property.”

Mandy says it’s also a great opportunity for those with a lifestyle property, who don’t want the responsibility of looking after stock, as well as those with one or two horses who have the room to take on more.

COVID-19 has restricted overseas and interstate travel, so Mandy believes it’s a great time to take a holiday closer to home, and to take your horse along if you can.

“The Holiday with your Horse section is for agistment properties with accommodation, or those with accommodation who don’t currently offer agistment, who have the chance to gain an alternative income stream if they want to diversify,” she explained.

“Accommodation providers could also team up with neighbouring properties and create a package deal.”

If you want to find out more contact Mandy on 0413 799 599 or email agistmentfinder@gmail.com or have a look at the Agistment Finder Facebook page.